With an entry into the sponsor stock exchange you receive the best contacts from thousands of possible sponsors, both within the regional area, and for international projects. Each sponsor has his own ideas, how he wants to sponsor. Economic thinking plays a role, as well as personal interests of the responsible people making the decision. All important data for the companies in question is registered in our data bank.

Your data will be checked with our sponsor`s data on a regular basis. Therefore a sponsor profile is created from your data and an offer profile is created. From the sponsors a profile is created as well. These profiles are constantly cross-checked by computer, meaning for each potential sponsor a matching offer is searched for and for each offerer a matching sponsor. With this it is guaranteed, that the right partners find each other making the basis for a permanent partnership possible.

Based on the data cross-check all possible companies receive an offer according to the statement and data you made. Therefore only those companies receive an offer, for whom you are an interesting advertising medium. Therefore unnecessary scatter loss is avoided right away.

When a sponsor signalizes interest, it is agreed on how the contact is desired. Now you receive a note with a contact address and a contact person of the sponsor. Furthermore you receive exact information on the wishes, the sponsor has, for example what amount the sponsor wants to start with and what service he expects. Should the sponsor desire a personal meeting, you may make an appointment right away.

The monthly fee for your entry in our database is only US$ 39.-. A really small amount, considering how much the search for a sponsor costs alone for stamps and phone costs. The minimum duration for your entry is 3 months.

Of course you may change or bar your entry at any time. The more information you furnish us with, the more detailed offers we may make. Should you have information exceeding the questionnaire, than please mail them to us. Please wait to mail these, until you receive a reference number from us, please state this number in all correspondence with us. If you can not send the information with e-mail, then please mail it with regular mail or send it by fax to us, where everything is digitalized and registered. Faxnumber and address can be found in our imprint.

Your data is strictly data protected and is only furnished to selected sponsors. You can delete your data completely at any time.

Our offer is enlarged constantly. For example: the online questioning for registered sponsors is in preparation. With this the sponsors may online request all data of the service having a quick overlook on all offers. Your data is for now anonymous. If you have your own homepage, you may, if you desire so have a link to from the data bank.

Questions, criticism and suggestions are requested by e-mail to us. You will receive an immediate answer. But before you ask us questions, please read the frequently asked questions. Maybe you will already find an answer for your special questions.

And now do not hesitate and use this one-time chance. Start your search for a sponsor and thereby finance your plans.


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